Lost Empire 2977
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Lost Empire 2977 review


In this epic sci-fi saga, you begin your journey in an ancient, abandoned space station, with no recollection of who you are and with an unknown force that hunts you. To learn the secrets of your past, you must journey through a vast universe, visit strange worlds and space stations, and fight to regain your former glory and your memories.
In order to prevail, you must gather allies, build armies and ultimately defeat your adversary.


Lost Empire 2977 is a 3rd person/top-down, single-player, action RPG, set in a futuristic sci-fi universe. The gameplay and combat are real-time, but you can slow time to aid your strategic and tactical decisions.


The gameplay allows you to choose many different paths to finish missions and defeat your enemies.

Go solo

You are invincible, and no adversary or spawned army can stand against you. Use your awesome powers and abilities and crush those who oppose you.

Use your teammates

Bring your allies into combat and lead them to victory - or you can send them to fight your battles, while you concentrate on looting your dead enemies. Teammates also make great guards, just leave them behind and they will guard whatever area theyre in.

Build an army

Use your resources to raise an army and swarm your enemies. Even better, rally your allies and spawned subjects to crush the enemy in one big onslaught. You can also send groups of spawned drones to weaken the enemys defences. Epic battles awaits you!

Build your defences

The enemy will attack your bases and resources. Dont leave your bases unguarded. Its nice to be able to leave an area after finishing the missions, so dont let them steal your spaceship.

Use vehicles

Tired of running around as a simple foot soldier? Use a Mech combat unit instead - or explore vast areas in your "Viper" (Advanced terrain vehicle)

Explore the universe space travel

Travel to strange alien worlds and visit remote space stations. Or, you can visit big, not remote stations to you decide

Customize your character

Choose your character, race and class and journey through the universe as the character you want to be. You can choose between 4 races, 4 classes and two different characters (male/female)

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