Methods of children’s development: preparing a child for school

Methods of development of children we prepare the child in school

Want to educate your childnot just a good man, but gifted? To teach the little one preferably from an early age, so that in the future not to miss a good time. We have gathered 5 of techniques of early development of children, which will help kids to achieve the necessary level upon reaching school age.

Methods of child development by Maria Montessori

This technique of development is very popular, as the child gets the opportunity to develop without violence to his intellectual and physical capabilities.

Maria Montessori, Italian educator, scientist and philosopher, believed that the teachers and parents to stimulate the interest of the babyto study the surrounding world with the help of everything that surrounds it. The peculiarity of this methodology of development – adult guides the child, not control them, and helps as a friend and contemporary. So no need to purchase a special educational games – in the case goes all the items that are on hand. Interestingly, there is no need to divide kids by age groups. Kids do all exercisestogether with older children and learn from their knowledge.

The ideal method of child development by Maria Montessori is:

  • The child has the ability to move actively and in a playful way to exercise.
  • In the form of game the kid is studying such Sciences as mathematics, reading, writing, geography, etc.
  • By studying surrounding objects children learn about different forms of things, their sizes and colors;
  • Kids do not prohibit yourself to create something, to clean, to mix, to experiment. Of course, safe for their life conditions.
  • The methodology for the development of children from the Maria Montessori no complaints, and it has been used successfully by many educators and parents.

Methods of development of children by  Nikolai Zaitsev

“Clay” – the invention of Nikolai Zaitsev, the author of many educational methods. On cubes Zaitsev kids are taught to read at a tender age. This technique of development of children can be found in many educational centers.

To childrenbetter understand the difference between deaf and voiced sounds, the cubes are crisp and silent. Vowels and dissenting letter also expressed contrasting colors.

Reading skills are served in the form of a game. The child remembers the picture on the dice and the letter or syllable, from which it starts.

However, Zaitsev’s blocks, there are opponents. They believe that the baby who has learned to spell, will face the challenge of relearning at school. In educational institutions a different approach to this side of education. Therefore, before choosing the method of development according to Zaitsev, is to ask yourself the question: “is it worth it to teach a child at a young age, to the school to be retrained?”. After all, to be retrained much more difficult.

Methods of development of children according by Cecile Lupan

This technique of development of children is not based on pedagogical knowledge as on personal observations of a mother who has raised two daughters. Sessil Lupan a lot of and successfully worked with them and then decided to share the experience with other parents.

Its the principle – we should not impose to the childtheir interests and try to build their own ambitions. Kid – it is the individuality, and the task of parents – to make it brighter. We only need to find the right way to understand, which stretches to the child that most impressed him. And then to develop the ability. For example, to teach with the baby in foreign languages or sports.

Cecile Lupan proved that there is no such thing as “adult items”. It is possible and necessary to do serious science, but on the condition that the child gravitates to them. We should not focus only on intellectual development. It should parallel the physical.

The method Sessil Lupan thanks to its simplicity, has found many followers worldwide.

Methodology development of children by  Nikitin

Pedagogical achievements of the Nikitin family today is not as popular as 15-20 years ago. But despite the fact that they left in the shade, it does not detract from their merits. Along with the physical development of childrenNikitin paid great attention to their intellectual development and came up with educational games. They are available for children starting at eighteen months of age. Simple and interesting, these games develop logic, help to understand the colors and geometric shapes, learn to count.

To apply the technique quickly in the development of your child, no need to purchase more allowances. Enough to stock up on colored paper and scissors, you can find the description of games in the all-knowing Internet and start the game with the baby.

Despite its popularity, the methodology of the development of children Nikitin has not found wide acceptance in preschool. And it is not in the methods, and the rejection of her society, which could not accept a “homegrown” system, and lived only by bureaucratic regulations.

Waldorf education: methodology of development of children at the Rudolf Steiner

This technique of development of childrenis at odds with those that promote early learning. The author of the Waldorf system, Rudolf Steiner, believed that children under 7 years should not torture those disciplines that require them to perseverance. He promoted the idea of spiritual development of the child. Therefore, in kindergartens, which operate according to this method the development of children, toddlerslisten to music, learn the stories, put on plays, learn drawing.

As in the method of development of children Montessori, it does not divide the children by age. Older help kids sculpt figurines from clay, to tie the laces on the shoes, to water the flowers. Thus the children are educated and wonderful human qualities: kindness, compassion, patience, understanding, and mutual assistance.

Whatever method you choose, you need to remember that every kid is exposed to certain stages of development, without which no one technique will not work. Here is what it says about the psychologist Olga Tvardovskaya:

“Roughly a child’s development can be divided into three stages. Until about three years of this stage as “I forbid”, when the level of development of the baby is that he is forced to enlist the help of parents. So he gets used to being a little superior. The second stage – “I can” when the child tries to copy adults, but it is ready to do only that which pleases him. To force something the child on the first two stages is not worth it, better to try to interest to the kid or demanded necessary (in the case of the first stage), or wanted to repeat (the second stage). And only after about seven years starts the stage of “can-need” when a child understands what to do, not only what you want”.

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