Is Your Kid’s Math 20/20?

Upon becoming a parent, you were told about the importance of reading to your little one. And so, like most parents, you bought copies of Goodnight Moon, The Runaway Bunny and Mama, Do You Love Me? With your baby on your lap, you read these before bed or just before naptime, being sure to get in those 20 minutes of reading each day.

As your child grew older, you introduced other books, building a little library of the classics in the playroom right next to the trucks, baby dolls and art supplies. You took your preschooler to reading hours at your local library and let him check out colorful books.

And you did these things for good reason: Literacy skills start at a very young age. The federal government’s Literacy Information and Communication System (LINCS) notes that “the building blocks of literacy begin at infancy.” In fact, the Children’s Reading Foundation recommends 20 minutes of reading with your child every day — from infancy to elementary school. And countless studies show that children who have been read to generally learn to read sooner and have less trouble with the skills involved.

But what about math?Stick to the basicsAvoid the dramaThe show, don’t tellKeep ’em interested

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